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Leaders and Businessmen Visit Our Potash Supplier Factory

Time of publication:2018/08/23

Thanks to abundant potassium mineral resources, Golmud city of Haixi Mongol Tibetan autonomous prefecture has devoted itself to the overall planning and comprehensive utilization of resources in recent years and vigorously developed the potash salt and potash fertilizer industry. Ge Er Mu Zang Hua Granular Potash Co., Ltd., as a local excellent potash production enterprise in Golmud, is a long-term  potash supplier for Yantai Huahai International Trade Co., Ltd. Yesterday, by virtue of “the 2018 International Potash Conference and Golmud Salt Lake Forum”, our company staff invited relevant leaders and potential cooperative merchants to visit the plant of Ge Er Mu Zang Hua Granular Potash Co., Ltd.

The picture shows the staff introducing and explaining the production equipment of granular potash fertilizer to the guests.The staff answered the questions raised by the guests, showing the high quality of our supplier.

Afterwards, the staff invited the guests to visit the railway dedicated line of Ge Er Mu Zang Hua Granular Potash Co., Ltd., which made it possible for a more efficient and safer mode of transport.

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